Best Placement for Kailo Pain Relief Patch

Calling all pain sufferers!

So, you’re suffering with chronic pain, and you’re incredibly desperate for some relief and searching for a simple way to help make life easier? Sounds like you’re the perfect target market for Kailo !

What is Kailo?

Well, Kailo appears to be a $100 piece of plastic, coated with fancy-sounding words, that claims to be able to reduce pain symptoms perpetually by modifying your bodies pain signals – oh, and it can do it through clothing, it lasts forever, and it doesn’t require batteries or need to ever be recharged. Sounds too good to be true … I think it is!

How does it work?

At it’s core, Kailo is thought to operate on a well known scientific principle known as the Placebo effect. This powerful effect does not work for everybody, but typically about 30-50% of people who use a Placebo, do experience some benefit for their symptoms. The more you believe that Kailo will work for you, the more likely it is that you will see some improvement. Kailo offers a full 14 day money back policy, so when you realise you’ve been duped into buying a fake medical device Kailo, you will likely be able to seek some resolution. So what are you waiting for? Chase your dreams of pain relief and try Kailo today! Over $2M of Kailo have been sold to date, and they can’t all be desperate people clinging onto slim hope wrong now can they?

Best positioning for Kailo Patch

Understanding correct placement of your Kailo Patch is critical, in order for it to work correctly. By believing that placement is important, you are more likely to think that the patch is actually doing something, and thus, this may help you achieve a stronger Placebo effect. When customers contact Kailo after the device does not work, the customer support simply instructs them to try a different position.

Kailo recommends that you use a friend to help you position the patch. The Kailo patch is made mostly of copper on plastic. Copper is a great conductor of heat, and when your friend places their hand over the patch while it is on your skin, you will feel their hand heat pass straight through the Kailo patch. This does not mean the patch is working, as they claim.

How to buy a Kailo Patch

Kailo is being sold both through their own website, and through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform that lets snake-oil projects truly shine through and reach millions of vulnerable victims, without requiring the creator company to offer any kind of proof that their medical claims are true, safe or effective.

Update: Kailo is now on Amazon USA too! Incredible – I wonder how long that will last before being removed? Products with a high return rate are eventually penalised and removed by Amazon.


Kailo Pain Relief Company Info

According to Fetzer, 15 volunteer participants used both the Kailo patch and a placebo patch, separately, for 48 hours each. Ninety percent of respondents said the Kailo patch helped reduce their pain.

This “double-blind” test is just the first in a long and expensive process for a product to be recognized by the FDA. The process could be even more expensive for Kailo because the product is so different from anything else out there.

“We would have to have the FDA create a separate category for our device,” said Fetzer.

Like many innovations, the potential medical applications of the technology underlying Kailo pain patches was discovered by accident.

In 2014, a Utah inventor developing a new antenna technology got into a motorcycle crash that broke six of his ribs. While lying in bed recovering, he continued to work on the antenna. That’s how he discovered that resting the technology on his chest helped alleviate his pain.

That’s where Stuart Fetzer stepped into the scene. Fetzer, who received an engineering degree at the University of Utah before going on to Harvard Business School, licensed the use of the antenna technology for medical purposes and formed the company, Kailo Labs.

Congrats, Stuart.


Kailo Testimonials

8 replies on “Best Placement for Kailo Pain Relief Patch”

Well guess what? If you have experienced alternative healing techniques… Reiki, Rolfing,Meditation,Acupunture etc.
Then you know the body is electric and magnetic.
Vudu not needed.
These crazy little patches worked for my roommate and myself. I am very grateful for this technology. Not perfect, adhesive strips woefully inadequate, there are cheap ways to get around this. Money back for those who simply want to try.


Yes, for people who don’t care if this is a scam or not, and who don’t care if they are paying $120 or not for a placebo pill, I too highly recommend spending money on non-scientific treatments like Kailo out of sheer desperation for pain relief.

I saw a YouTube ad and came across this website after being infuriated by the claims. I feel like their marketing materials are crossing the threshold of allowable bullshit for non-medical products. Maybe a formal complaint with the FDA would be appropriate?

I see you are making fun of everyone who tries to tell you this patch works for them. I bought one, moved it slightly several times and found that it did relieve about 80% of the pain I was having in my legs that kept me awake at night. I got several more and gave them to my mom and two of my best friends. All three of them LOVED it and have thanked me over and over for thinking of them. I’ve now bought several more to give as CHRISTmas gifts and to have spares to carry in my purse and leave in my travel bag. I’m sleeping better than I have slept in years because the pain in my legs is gone most of the time and reduced to almost nothing the rest of the time. I hate that you make fun of everyone who says it works, because there are people out there, like me, who could greatly benefit from this patch. Go ahead and make fun of me now, but, this patch is an answered prayer for me and for other people I know.


By the way… I don’t feel a tingle, I don’t feel warmth… I don’t feel anything coming from the patch at all. I also don’t feel the amount of pain I used to feel. That’s all that matters to me. Plus I’m not hurting the lining of my stomach, etc, like I used to when I took Advil constantly.

Please dont hear me making fun of you. If you get pain-relief from it, good for you. Like I said, I believe the placebo affect is very strong. I’m just putting out there,that physics and science both tell me that this cannot possibly work, and I point out that the manufacturer has not done any studies that are credible to prove otherwise. If you choose to ignore the red flags and, “just believe”, that’s up to you. I can understand how desperate people are for a solution. I certainly am very sympathetic to those who feel they have no other options, but those who have been warned it is a scam, and choose to buy anyway… If it ‘stops working’ for you one day, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Kailo themselves told me in mid 2019, they had “many studies” in progress. Not one has been published in the last year. You make the call yourself, it’s your money.

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