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Well, I said I wouldn’t do it … but I did it anyway. In the name of science, I bought a Kailo with my own money. $119 freedom dollars from Amazon USA. Plus international shipping and freight to Australia, and this pad certainly was no bargain.

I think it’s time to give some factual answers to the people about the Kailo pain relief pads.

What questions do you have about Kailo? What do you want to know about it? What kinds of tests do you want me to try? If you have a question you think I might be able to answer, please post it in the comments below!


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Disclaimer – I am a new distributor of the nCap patch in Canada.

(Cliff) As much as I would hope that Samuel could give an unbiased report I have difficulty in believing that can be achieved.

Unbiased – showing no prejudice for or against something; impartial.

Everything Samuel has written so far shows prejudice against this product. I am not comfortable that he will approach this with an open mind and do all the checks and balances that are required for a proper study on the patch. This also takes money to accomplish and he is already complaining about the product and the cost to get one of the patches. What about all the other costs coming up to test this product properly.

I told him in a post from late December that I could probably spare a patch or two for testing but he never got a hold of me asking for it. I could have saved him some money and saved us from listening to another complaint.

If you have a spare that you would be willing to lend for evaluation and unbiased testing then please consider sending it to me. I have various physical pains – mostly related to work and lifestyle wear and tear whilst my wife (who is a healer) has innumerable conditions – (I think purely because she is a healer) – often doctors say she is a one-off. She is now in her 80’s and still treats a few people, having had some remarkable successes in the past

In this case bias seems a negligible factor. The issue is does it work or does it not? Even a biased person would like this thing to work.

Are you not providing your findings? Hopefully this reaches you as I am interested in what you found.

Did the product provide pain relief?

Were you able to gather any additional information as to the design principal behind the product’s function?

Did you let any friends, relatives or otherwise try the product and what were their results?

A patient of mine just forwarded this product website to me to review it and tell him what I thought about. I was not familiar with it whatsoever. I thought I understood why it might work, since I use something in my practice I describe how that works in a similar way, with regard to the body’s bioelectric state. However, the instrument I use requires batteries, and I also need to ground myself to the patient when using it. The instrument I use runs with direct current and uses less than one microampere, just like the amount of energy at a nerve synapse. I am trying to learn more about this Kailo so I can understand if it has any value based on my knowledge base. I am a chiropractor in New York State.

If the suggested placement of the nanopatch is best between the ‘pain’ and the brain, would placing the thing onto the back of the neck then be a good test location for the patch.? That is, what better placement between brain and torso (and beyond), assuming pain is ‘south’ of the head?

Or do the beneficial ‘effects’ become diffuse the further the distance the patch is attached from the ‘brain’ , say, directly atop the pain.

Thank you.

Everything about this screams scam. Several years ago I had an accident that resulted in cervical displacement and resultant nerve problems. Over the years there have been long periods of rehab, many procedures, different and continuing and forms of pain management. I am familiar with types of “electro-stim” devices that are essentially high speed massage tools that can target very specifically…..The people I have talked to about this product…doctors, therapists, and technicians in the field of pain management regard it it as so much “snake-oil” and dismiss it it as a contemptible joke. these by the way, are people with minds open to any method or category of treating pain.

it is certainly no accident that the creators/advertisers of this offer no scientific corroboration or explanation and I don’t see any credentials from any acknowledged medical agencies….just the testimonials of amateurs…or paid actors. presumably…since it isn’t a drug….just a fancy looking piece of plastic…it can legally by pass the sort of credentials that proven products all carry. It can also bypass this need if it carries no risk…..and if it’ s just a piece of “food-wrap”……it can’t really hurt you…..nor can it help you…..

Pain is a signal that something is wrong……in that sense it provides the most rudimentary diagnostic tool….location, intensity, it’s relationship to other existing conditions or circumstances…….This product draws no distinctions as to exactly what exact types of pain it treats….If I’m having a STROKE should I just reach for this silly patch……

Marketing a medical product online without the need for professional diagnostic consultation is worst….extremely dangerous..and at best just a waste of money…we are not talking about buying a guitar pick…….we are talking about a pricey item that non specifically offers itself up as a universal pain relief tool for EVERY kind of pain.

What kind of idiot would buy a medical product this way? Me…with a spinal injury…I’m gonna trust that this piece of crap is going to profoundly rearrange my entire neurology? It would have to…unless it can sense the EXACT complex of reasons for everything and magically address that hyper-specific syndrome.

One has pain for a reason….even if this piece of magic-plastic did work…I’d want to know exactly what I was treating before I masked it’s symptoms…..

First off a disclaimer – I am a new distributor of the nCap product up in Canada. I became a distributor after using the Kailo for 3 days/nights. I didn’t go with Kailo but instead chose nCap.

(Dave) E-stim sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles or manipulate nerves to reduce pain. E-stim may not be appropriate for everyone, but for many people this painless procedure is accelerating recovery and providing relief from painful or uncomfortable symptoms.

The Kailo or nCap patch does not fix the reason for the pain it only softens the amount of pain signals you receive. I don’t think they have ever claimed it was on the same level as E-stim (as a side note e-stim also has its skeptics out there and more studies are still required to prove them wrong although it has been around for years and years).

Your people you have talked to (Doctors, therapists and technicians) are obviously not as open minded as you state or they could back up their “snake oil” comments with examples of people they know or test results that prove it doesn’t work. This is like all the doctors and dentists who slam people and disregard any test results they get when they go to Mexico or other countries for inexpensive medical/dental procedures.

Why would they not include a scientific study or FDA approval numbers if they had them. They don’t have them. There is a new study that is about to start at an american university which is going to be ground zero for getting FDA approval on this product. I am told that this process has been going on for over a year now (things don’t happen over night with the government).

How many ads have you seen on TV or labels on products that state the following: Disclaimer. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This is nothing new as there are tons of products out there with this disclaimer on it.

Your line about “This product draws no distinctions as to exactly what exact types of pain it treats….If I’m having a STROKE should I just reach for this silly patch……”

First off the word treat means to heal or cure – something this patch does not do and as far as I know does not claim to in any literature that I have seen. Secondly your line about the stroke is absolutely ludicrous. Enough said….

Where in the sales literature does it say you have no need to seek medical advice if you are in pain but instead just grab the patch “Marketing a medical product online without the need for professional diagnostic consultation”. When I sell this product it is for people who have seen and/or are seeing doctors and specialist to try and HEAL their body. It’s for people like me who used to live on 14 – 20 ibu per week and now down to 1 – 3 per week.

You really won everyone over with calling most people idiots because they’ve purchased something in hopes that it might reduce (even a little bit) the pain they our suffering on a daily basis.

Your last line is very true. I would hope everyone feels the same way. Investigate what is wrong and see your doctor or specialist and start working on trying to HEAL it. If your pain management routine is a cocktail of drugs why not try something alternative that is in its infancy and may help you. It doesn’t work for everybody and as I can attest to, if you overdue it while wearing the patch you can still hurt yourself. It’s not like you can put the patch on and then stick a needle into you and expect not to feel it. Hopefully no one thinks this is what the patch is capable of because it’s not.

I hope you find something that works for you as being in pain all day and every day is not fun. I know I found what works for me and I couldn’t be happier.

I appreciate that you are taking time before telling us your review of the patch. It indicates to me that you may be giving it a fair trial. Maybe you don’t have pain to try it on at this time and you are looking for others in pain to give it a trial. Patiently waiting your review.

I think the only possible relief one may experience from these sorts of things is a little more warmth in the painful area. I have three herniated discs in my lower back & suffer constant chronic pain. My electric heat pad cranked on the hottest setting provides a little comfort, no doubt a lot more than the pads….

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