What’s the difference between nCAP vs Kailo Pain relief?

Kailo vs nCAP – best pain relief patches

nCAP and Kailo are very similar products for non-invasive pain relief patches, so I decided to do a comparison of the two products. I hope this helps people who are trying to work out if Kailo is worth it for them. Learn more about my thoughts on Kailo here.

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, nCAP, Kailo
Claimed Technology:,Neuro Capacitive, Advanced nanotech Bio-antenna
Patented:,Yes, Licenses patent from nCAP
Launched:,2017,Late 2018
Marketing:,Lame outdated website,Cool social media marketing
Video:,boring video,cool video
Youtube:,8 Subscribers,119 subscribers
Fundraising:,$15000 on indiegogo, Over $2000000 on indiegogo
Buyers:,118 backers, 9894 backers
Price:,Cheaper, More expensive
Appearance:,Boring black plastic,Flashy cool gold patterning
Size:,Comes in multiple sizes,One size fits all
Return policy:, 37 days, 14 days
Core Technology:, Placebo Effect, Placebo Effect
Value:, Economical Snake Oil, *Premium Snake Oil*


Kailo not working

If you find your Kailo is not working, don’t worry, that is likely by design. These products appear to be 100% snake oil, and they only have any effect at all due to the placebo effect. Simply return it for a full refund (hopefully…) and consider it a life lesson learned. Unless of course you’re one of the many people who have asked for a refund and have not received one yet…

For more info on Kailo Pain Relief Patches, see my posts about the science and research behind Kailo, and more information about how to correctly position your Kailo for best results.

For real pain relief, speak to your doctor, or perhaps try a scientifically tested pain relief product, like TENS or Quell.


22 replies on “What’s the difference between nCAP vs Kailo Pain relief?”

If it takes away pain naturally and gets you off painkillers…and it does…..who gives a flying #@!% why it works.


Kat … I’ve got a patch to sell you … $99, money back guarantee. Works using natural placebo effects. Interested? 😛


I wear the Kaino and it is NOT placebo effect, it works. I have chronic back pain and kidney disease from taking too many ibuprofen for years for my back pain. This does help with the pain and helps me keep moving and active.


Dear Connie,
Please don’t take this personally – but I do not think you understand the meaning of the word “placebo”. Just because it gives you pain relief does not mean that it is not a placebo. The placebo effect is very powerful. Regardless, I’m glad you’ve found something that gives you relief, that is great news for you.


Admin.: Then why haven’t I had the placebo effect everytime my doctor put me on a new narcotic pain reliever? None of them EVER worked for me and it was found out later (when I was 10 years into Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, now I’m 15 years in) that I have a CYP-2D6 defect which means I can’t metabolize narcotics properly, I’m a super-metabolizer which means by the time I get the Percoset or whatever into me, it’s already being flushed out…so no pain relievers EVER worked for me…I have not tried Kailo, but I do have “Signal Relief” same idea, nanotechnology. I didn’t get relief until I started moving it around and found the best spot, and boy does it help…it’s wonderful — this is NOT a placebo effect…or power of suggestion, otherwise I would have found relief from nerve blocks, trigger points, and Fentanyl patches.
Please don’t put something down when you have no idea if it works or not…


Signal relief is the same technology as Kailo, both connected to Ncap patents. No scientific evidence that they work, unless you have some for me? The burden of proof this is not a placebo is on the manufacturer.


Hello Sam,

I have found your information very informative. Actually, I referred a family member to Kailo as I have received relief from using it on my knees.

Several years ago, I have knee problems because of an accident and had relied on medication which I so very much hate. This is not an endorsement that Kailo does magic, it sure makes the tingling pain lesser so that I can go to bed.

I am no tech expert but my cousin called me to say she googled Kailo and thinks otherwise after reading what is on your site. Nevertheless, I would say that it does something for me and I stand by it.

The reason why I am writing this is there are heaps of others who may have found a little comfort from pain, it is probably something you would not understand if you are not in this position. I have not found total relief from it but at least it brings it down a notch.

That is just my two cents worth and I hope people in pain like myself can at least have an option.



G’day Tony!
Thank you for your comment. There are two issues at stake here:

First issue is the effectiveness of Kailo – does it work? As there have been some people like yourself that did find some relief, it might seem cruel of me to so strongly caution against it. However, I believe that the effect that you have experienced could be due to the placebo effect. The burden of proof is on Kailo – it is their responsibility. They have not performed a double blind clinical trial, which is the minimum required to confirm that something is not a placebo. Pain relief is big bucks – if the product really worked, they would have investors crawling all over them to get a clinical trial going ASAP. As you’re probably aware, they have already raised $2M+ on their own… The difficulty for me here is that I don’t have access to the real customer satisfaction numbers, so I cannot critique the product from this aspect unless they share their (real) data.

The second issue is the mechanism of action. If Kailo did actually work, then it is the job of scientists to then try to work out how that could be possible. I cannot see a way that Kailo can actually work that does not break the laws of thermodynamics – the product simply cannot operate as claimed without a source of power. On this basis alone, I call it a scam. This company (nCap, the technology “provider” and patent owner) failed to commercialise their antenna technology, and to me this looks like a desperate money grab.

Honestly, I wish you the best, and I am glad for you that Kailo provides some relief. I just wish you would come to me next time, as I could make a bunch of “Kailo” for about $1 each. Recipe is about 5 cents of PVC sheet, and 50 cents of copper powder, and dab of PVA glue … and a dash of hyperbolic emotional “its so weird” slick marketing, and we’re in business.

Kind regards,


There is another pain patch its triangular and I think called rapid relief same type of a pain nanotherapy just wondering if that one may work I too take too many pain meds looking for something like others to just take the pain down a notch

Homedics were selling a product called “Rapid Relief” which was just a TENS unit, but they have cancelled it since.

Do you mean “Signal Relief”? I posted about it here — it is also by nCAP, same “technology”, just a different name – I think it is a scam too.


Well Sam the tins and the Quell have not been in a double blind clinical trial either so why are you promoting them
I have 2 kailo pain patches and I tryed not to believe it was working but I couldn’t make that claim because it does work ! plain and simple ,how it works who cares it just does

I just got mine, I have scholiosis, hypertonia, neurological domage, hip instability, collapsed arches…..aka mucho chronic pain. Have taken and voluntarly quit some of the best opiate painchillers big pharma has to offer, and let s just say, somehow lesser painkillers did not enjoy the presence of any placebo effect, and that was precisely why I had in the past fought so hard to obtain real morphine and such, so I do not beleive in placebo effect when it comes to pain. The closest to ” placebo ” would be hypnosis under a master hypnotist which are far and apart and cannot be shipped to your door for dayly re-use…… so is it placebo ? I personally do not think so, pain signals are electric signals, why should not the narrative behind this tech make sense ? it makes sense to me and it works as good as claimed, I am not saying it is perrrrfect, I mean a tatoo with it would be nicer, did you ever try it before calling it snake oil ?
( insert smile and wink here )


Hey Sam,

First time reader but endorse your skepticism. Was backer of kailo. Among first to receive jail patches last year. Never used them. However My lady has back pain this week so we used a patch for the first time. Within a few seconds pain subsidedsignificantly.

Like a number of health aids I think the patches may work for some folks some of the time.

What I do know is less pain is better than no relief at all. Yes she has had acupuncture in the past and that has worked in some cases. So IF Kaili works at all it is faster relief than say acupuncture, safer than drugs and easy to use.

Just our experience. “Your results may vary”. Hmmm where have I heard that before.


I loved your review and your comments. Had me in stitches – primarily for its honesty. I do understand the placebo effect and if it works for some, then it is terrific. I shall add you to my favorites as I really do appreciate an honest and more scientific approach to reviews. I especially like finding a review that is not associated with the darn company that makes the product!

I purchased the ncap because it appeared to be a by product of the developer’s main business and they didn’t set out to sell snake oil. I am also a skeptic and when my pain diminished I thought it might be the placebo effect. But does the placebo effect work while asleep? I had unbearable back pain that was keeping me up at night and with ncap I was finally able to sleep. That’s what sold me. It’s true – as crazy as it sounds it shuts off the pain as soon as you put it on. The placebo effect hasn’t worked with other things I’ve tried.
In my opinion it’s worth the money. People in extreme or chronic pain have usually tried many things and considering this doesn’t use batteries and lasts a long time it’s cost effective. There’s actually a study that will soon be done to evaluate the effectiveness of the ncap vs placebo. Yes it’s sponsored by ncap but it will be interesting to see the results


I find your comments curious Mary… what makes you say the developer’s main business is not a scam too? Their “spray on antenna” tech appears bogus, and their other technologies appear to be vaporware.

You found this planned study announcement pretty quick — apparently this study was only announced 5 days ago?
The consultant running the study is Tatjana Warren, apparently a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Will be interesting to see what comes of this….


Thank you for providing such a well written counterpoint. I literally only heard of this product this afternoon. Every review except yours regurgitates the same talking points. There’s no way this can work as described. The PR is amazing, but there are about a dozen missing biotech papers providing the steps between the idea and the achievement.

I have tried the Kailo patch and it does take the edge off pain and that improves sleep. It gives my body relief from NSAIDS. I also want to give some credit to the placebo effect. Placebo is an unfortunate name that discredits the bodies capability to heal itself. If a patch can shift our beliefs enough to get the rational mind out of the way, and allow the body to feel better or even to heal itself, that is worth something. I don’t call it snake oil, I call it helpful even if it’s matter over mind. I am a great believer that getting the rational mind out of the way can increase our ability to see for ourselves, and that also has real value.

Hey Sarah, thank you for your reply. I agree with 60% of what you said. Where I disagree is that if a product claims to work by by a specific mechanism, and does not work by that mechanism, then I would say they are deceptive and the product should be taken from the market. The price that the manufacturer of Kailo is charging is frankly ridiculous and exploitative, particularly for those who suffer from extreme pain and who are desperate for relief.

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