TaoPatch for Multiple Sclerosis – Medical Device for MS Treatment?

I think TaoPatch is a scam (see my article here). I also think that they are deliberately trying to market their product as a Medical Device without seeking medical approval, such as from the FDA. The following information is copied from the TaoPatch website in verbatim. However, on their website it is password protected and hidden ( password: leadyourbody I am putting this information out there publicly, in hopes that regulators can discover that TaoPatch is clearly marketing their product as a treatment for MS.

By no means is this my endorsement of this company or their product — I would advise you to stay away and not get scammed!



Getting Started

Welcome to Taopatch!
Einstein said “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”. We are proud to help usher in that era.
Taopatch is a very powerful device. It combines the ancient knowledge of acupuncture with modern developments in nanotechnology and light therapy. After 7 years of practice and experimentation, we’ve learned the most beneficial acu-points for different conditions.
Some people feel and notice the effects immediately. For others it’s more gradual. Please read these instructions thoroughly. If you have any questions, email or live-chat with us below. The methodology is as important as the device itself, so please MAKE SURE to follow every single step of this directions page for the results you deserve to witness.
1.First step is to watch this 30 min video course (password for the video is “leadyourbody”) before proceeding to the core of this directions page.
2. It is essential to TAKE A VIDEO of your tests a) before wearing it, b) 15 min after, c) one week after and d) one month after.
Use the Taopatch Wellness Tracker to monitor your progress in posture, balance and overall well-being.The changes are extremely evident for some people and more gradual but consistent for others (depending on different factors such as level of hydration, how long has the problem occurred, etc.)
3. All the Taopatch devices have a ray of action of 1-4 cm. Therefore do not overly stress trying to wear them exactly on the indicated acupunture point. As long as they are within 1 cm ray, they will act on 100% of their power on that acu-point.
4. Apply the Taopatch to your skin using the provided adhesives. If you’re using the square adhesives, use 2 of them at once, like this. If you are finding that the adhesives provided does not work for your type of skin please feel free to use other adhesive tapes. We have a couple of recommendations: Opsite Flexifix or 3M Transpore Tape.
5. It takes approximately one month for your cells to reprogram themselves. So for the first few months, we will be recommending different monthly protocols, enabling you to focus on different aspects of your biological inner software. Once Taopatch arrives and you’re ready to start, move on to Day 1 (You can also add any other protocol from point 5 and on starting from today!)

IMPORTANT: Taopatch for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis has been our main focus over the last 7 years. After on helping thousands of MS patients, here’s what we recommend:
1. Make sure to read and follow the directions in “Day 1: Getting Started” above.
2. Beside the test mentioned in that article above, please add the “Tandem Gait” test (video) and “The single leg lift” test (video). Please have someone record you performing these tests before wearing Taopatch and after 3 hours. These tests will give you clear awareness on your progress.
3. Follow the directions “Month 1: Rebalancing Your System” above, including the weekly ramp up of the number of hours you wear Taopatch on the 2 rebalancing points. After the first 3 weeks you should wear it on those points 24/7.
4. At least once a week (but ideally daily) apply the “Pyramid”protocol for 45 min, it will accelerate and strengthen your neurological connections, and has been particularly helpful to some MS patients.
Imagine a line that connects the very tips of your ears. The central point of that line on your cranium is the Crown Chakra. Apply one Taopatch right there.
Apply four more TaoPatches on the four corners of an imaginary square around it. The patches needs to be around 1 cm away from the central one.
Use this protocol for 45 min at least once a week (ideally daily) for 4 weeks, or anytime you need it. You can attach the patches on a surgical mask and apply the mask on your cranium, with straps around your ears.
Besides strengthening your neurological connections, which helps with MS, this protocol helps you with focus, concentration and level of clarity.
​4. Optional: Apply Taopatch right where you feel discomfort or pain on your muscular structure.
5. Optional: Apply Taopatch on one of the main proprioceptors: a) TMJ, b) The external edge of your eyes, c) At the center of the sole of your foot.

Month 1: Rebalancing Your System

During the first month, we recommend everyone to wear 2 Taopatches on the 2 points required for rebalancing your system, which we’ll show you below.
But first some general housekeeping:
1. You can attach the Taopatches to your skin with the hypoallergenic breathable adhesives we included with your order, or with any skin tape or band-aid. The patches can be facing either way. The patches are waterproof, so you can wear them in the shower.
2. You shouldn’t wear Taopatch 24/7 right away:
  • First week you should wear them 4 hours/day
  • Second week – 8 hours/day
  • Third week – 16 hours/day (while you’re awake)
  • Fourth week – you can start wearing them 24/7 (and at night).
Why is it important? This schedule helps your system upgrade gradually, without overwhelm. Make sure to track your progress in the Wellness Tracker weekly, especially in the first 4 weeks .
3. It is exceptionally important to be properly hydrated when you wear Taopatch. Water is a superconductor of electromagnetic signals within your body.
And now on to the points:
1. The first patch should be applied 2cm above the tip of your sternum (where your rib cage begins). This point is called Conception Vessel Number 15 (CV15) in acupuncture.
Keep in mind that Taopatch has a radius of action of 1 cm around the actual device, so you don’t have to be super precise. As long as it’s within 1 cm from the point, it will be 100% effective.
2. The second patch should be applied right below the 7th vertebrae (C7). It’s the one on the back of your neck that sticks out the most when you bend your head forward.
3. If you have pain anywhere on your body, you can put the 3rd Taopatch at the center of that pain.
That’s it for now. We’ll show you the next protocol in a month. Or you can skip ahead.
For Foot Drop protocol please visit

Raising Your Cellular Energy

One of the main benefits of Taopatch is increased cellular energy, your inner voltage.
During the last seven years helping thousands of patients, we have found that best way to gain energy is through two sets of acu-points.
The first one is called the Detox of the Liver. The second one is the Tonification of the Kidneys.
Here are the two sets of points for boosting your overall energy. If you have 3 Taopatches, you can focus on the Detox of the Liver this month (month 1) and the Tonification of the Kidney the following month (month 2). If you have 6 patches, you can apply them at the same time and accellerate your progress. If you only have 2 patches, you should buy another set 😉
1. The first patch goes on Liver 3 (LV3) on the right foot only. It’s located about two finger widths above the place where the skin of your big toe and the next toe join:
2. The second patch goes on Gall Bladder (GB42) on the left foot, about one finger width from where your pinky toe and the next toe join:
3. The third patch goes on CV-17, located right between the nipples.
Also, we cannot stress enough on the importance of drinking around one glass of water per hour. Hydration is vital in the process to allow the information to continue circulating in our body.

Raising Your Cellular Energy Even Higher

Next step in increasing cellular energy is the Tonification of the Kidneys (this protocol can be combined with Detox of the Liver if you have 6 Taopatches.)
1. Kidney 5 (KI5) Bilateral. This means you should wear 1 patch on each leg. This point is located behind the ancle bone, 1.5 finger widths down from its center (if any instructions are not clear, please let us know).
2. Conception Vessel 3 (CV3). Located 5 fingers (4 fingers + thumb) below the belly button.


The “Pyramid”protocol helps with focus, concentration and level of clarity. Apply it when you need to focus, ideally daily for at least 45 min.
1. Imagine a line that connects the very tips of your ears. The central point of that line on your cranium is the Crown Chakra. Apply one Taopatch right there.
2. Apply four more TaoPatches on the four corners of an imaginary square around it. The patches needs to be around 1 cm away from the central one.
You can attach the patches on a surgical mask and apply the mask on your cranium, with straps around your ears (kind of like you’re wearing it on your head instead of your face, which is very counterintuitive nowadays). Or you can stick them on your favorite hat.

Stress and Anxiety

This protocol is tremendously helpful for people with stress, anxiety and a sense of mistrust towards the future (so basically everyone)

Apply 2 Taopatches on Spleen 6 (SP6) Bilateral (1 Taopatch on each foot). SP6 is located on the inside of your leg, just above your ankle. This point is 4 finger-widths above the highest peak of the ankle bone.

Apply Taopatch on this point on both feet and in the next couple of weeks you should notice a gradual decrease in the level of stress and anxiety. We recommend using these two points in addition to the 2 original rebalance points, however if you don’t have enough Taopatches, you can use them on Spleen 6 for a couple weeks, then come back to the original points when you wish.

Sport & Athletic Performance

Over the last 7 years we’ve helped many professional athletes, and have documented huge improvements in athletic performance and recovery.

1. You’ll need 4 Taopatches. Two of those are for the General Rebalancing Points (same as month 1) and the other two on on ST36 Bilateral (both legs). To find this point, locate a depression under your knee. ST36 is 4 finger withds below it:

Wear Taopatch on these points during athletic performance.


For relief of cramps, place two patches 3 finger-widths to the left and to the right of your belly button, whenever you feel discomfort.


Below you will find the most proven and easy to implement protocol for boosting immunity.
Wear 6 Taopatches on these points continuously. If you only have 3 Taopatches, wear 3 on one side (right to left) and switch sides every three to five days.
1. ST 36 Bilateral (both legs)
4 fingers under the outer lower edge of the kneecap.
2. LI 11 Bilateral (both arms)
Bend your arm and look for the end of the crease on the outer side of your bent elbow.
3. LU 6 Bilateral (both arms)
In a depression between the 2 strands of muscles, 8 fingers + 1 thumb above the wrist.

Important Note

All the Taopatch devices have a ray of action of 1-4 cm. Therefore please don’t worry about placing the patches exactly on the indicated acupunture point. As long as they are within 1 cm, they will be 100% as effective.
The images are borrowed from the mobile app “A Manual of Acupunture” which we highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring acupuncture further.

14 replies on “TaoPatch for Multiple Sclerosis – Medical Device for MS Treatment?”

I’ve worn it for one day and it helped me. I read I can only wear it for 4 hours, after I took it off my tremors got bad.
Why can’t I wear it all day?

I think you’re asking the wrong place. If it works for you, go for it. All the science I can find says it does nothing. If the placebo effect is working, go for your life!


I don’t want it to be a placebo effect.
It worked great on day one but days 2 and 3
those great results weren’t there

That’s a great question Marta, as it underpins the mechanism that TaoPatch claims it’s patches work by.

Acupuncture is based on applying stimuli (needles, heat, cupping etc) to meridian points on the body, to affect the energy flow, called Qi, that flows through the body.

Acupuncture is also a Pseudoscience. This means that it makes “scientific-style” claims of effectiveness, but that has not or cannot be validated by the standard scientific method. I am yet to find a serious medical doctor who believe Qi or meridians are scientifically proven.

So based on this, my personal understanding is that the absence of scientific evidence suggests that acupuncture is not a suitable technique for treatment of any medical condition. Except for a fear of needles. It may be effective at curing that one…

My boyfriend says I need to wear 4 at once, I don’t understand how he got that.
Does anyone know?
I started with the standard and it worked great for one day. Then I ordered the next version up and same thing. I don’t have the money to order the platinum yet, but if I do, will I need to wear 2, and will I need to order 2 boxes?

Let me ask you: what does your gut tell you? At the moment there is zero — not little, zero public evidence showing that these patches are better than placebo. I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t think these patches are going to help you long term.

science only benefits western medicine, vs the eastern medicine practices. I felt different on day 1, but 2 was fatigued and 3 was just “eh” I believe that it takes ANY THERAPY 6 weeks to fully notice, and with 90 days money back garuntee… but like I said, I’m only 3 days in, so buckle up!


Right — and TaoPatch claim to be both. I’m only critiquing their scientific approach. If they would prefer to advertise “not based on any scientific evidence, only western medicine!” then I’m all for it! 😛

Hi Barry, the placebo effect works for many conditions. You can find it at most pharmacy’s — ask for generic brand “placebo effect” at your local chemist.

More seriously, if you got this far, and read my article about TaoPatch being a scam, then I don’t really know what else I can honestly do to save some people from being scammed.

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