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Is the Signal Relief pain relief patch a scam?

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably in pain, and are looking for something — anything — to help turn down the level on the pain. Signal Relief is the latest snake-oil product from nCAP. Heard of Kailo Pain relief patches? This is almost a clone product, being released by the same group of people connected with Kailo.

nCAP is not a new company. They had a previous nCAP product before “nCAP SIGNAL RELIEF“, but that product was on a shabby website that gave away the fact that this was a scam. After the massive success they had with Kailo, right now they are trying to copy the same slick marketing formula to sell yet more people a placebo product that does not have any scientific testing or evidence.

Don’t believe me yet? Read on…


nCAP logo on Signal Relief

nCAP Logo on Kailo Pain Relief Patch — they’ve done this all before…



What’s the risk with SIGNAL RELIEF pain patches? Why not give them a try?

They offer is a “100% satisfaction guaranteed” and a bunch of purely positive testimonials – how tempting! For any number of people, there will be some people for whom the placebo effect means that they do experience some level of pain relief — even when the product itself is a complete dud. Their sneaky business strategy means that even if only a few people keep the patches and don’t return them, their high price means that they still make a massive profit of desperate people in pain.

If you don’t mind being ‘tricked’ into some possible pain relief, and don’t mind paying $$$ for a piece of inactive plastic — go for it. Hey, I’ll even sell you my own bio-conductive dimagnetic copper tape magical pain relief tape for half their price… if you ask me nicely. 💸💸💸

How do SIGNAL RELIEF pain patches work?

Well, it doesn’t — and it can’t! The body’s nervous system is highly complex, and the signals from the nerves are extremely low-level.

  • They claim it works by “Neuro Capacitive Coupling” – which is a real thing, but which requires active medical devices – e.g. devices like TENS or OsteoSpine – which are powered by batteries, and which have pads that must touch the skin to work. Unlike SIGNAL RELIEF, those products have been rigorously scientifically tested, and even then they certainly don’t claim the kinds of miraculous results that SIGNAL RELIEF is offering. Signal relief even claims to be able to alleviate Cerebral Palsy symptoms! If true, you would certainly have read about it in the news….
  • There is no way a simple patch can detect which signals are pain and which are not. Try and pinch yourself — how can you tell when the signal stops being pressure and when it starts being pain? There is no difference in the kind of signal being sent.
  • If this device really did work, then putting it over your heart could be extremely dangerous if it affected the heart’s nerve signals! Or putting it on your head could send you into a coma! Perhaps thankfully, this dud pain relief patch is no danger at all, except to your wallet.
  • The body’s signals are so so weak, that we require extremely sensitive instruments to detect nerve signals with sensors placed on the skin. SIGNAL RELIEF claims to work through clothing, without touching the skin at all – impossible!
  • Since the body’s nerve signals are weak, to detect them requires a sensitive amplifier — which requires power to operate. This patch has no power source!
  • I’ve looked at the nCAP “technology” found in Kailo under an scanning electron microscope — and I can tell you, this device is just copper powder in a plastic sheet. No special “nano-technology” <insert buzzword> here!


Still don’t believe they are a scam? Have a read of my posts on Kailo Pain Relief — you’ll quickly see that these are just the same product under a different name and a new look…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Give these snake-oil salesmen your money at your own risk!

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I bought and within 2 minutes years of pain was gone. It has been almost 3 weeks and still no pain. This works and I believe this scam review has a hidden agenda

Glad to hear it works for you… what hidden agenda do you think I have? I am a scientist (PhD) — I look for scientific evidence, not just anecdotes. The patches do not work for many people, and there is no scientific evidence of the claimed mechanism of action. If they did work, it would be easy for Signal Relief to do a clinical trial and become a fully validated healthcare product. This is the trouble for all placebo products — even though they don’t do anything, they will still work for a small portion of people! Thanks for your comment Henry.

Hi Josh, great question.

Simple answer, there are two reasons:

(1) they have a fine-print disclaimer that dilutes many of their claims (see below).

The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are voluntarily provided by actual customers. The testimonials are representative of the users experience but the exact results and experiences will be unique and individual to each user. Reviews containing references to drug names or submitted by non customers have been removed.

(2) They appear to be trying to avoid making statements of cure or treatment, they are likely hoping that they will not be assessed as a medical device, so the FDA will not regulate them.

nCAP Signal Relief is a General Wellness Technology and does not eliminate the cause of your pain, and is not a cure for disease, but it does provide a simple, reusable, wearable solution for pain relief to maintain an active lifestyle.

Why is it not false advertising? Well, they are very careful in the language they use, to never guarantee that you will see any results at all. Very sly.


I suffer phantom limb pain attacks I’m sorry to say after 30 years Fentanyl Works be careful and honest beware of developing a tolerance use it only when you can’t stand the pain anymore eg: 20-30 hr.ji

Hey Jim, thanks for your comment. It’s a bit of a knife edge dance I imagine. Let’s hope science progresses and that other effective alternatives open up. Best, Sam

Try your state Attorney general office false advertising with no proof of claim . If they are slow they may sue for you and your state

That’s certainly great news for your wife! But if you don’t care whether this is a placebo or not, then you’re not really my target audience? For example, I do care that the vitamins I buy at the store are actual vitamins, and not ‘funny tasting tablet placebos’.

I’m glad to hear that the placebo effect works on you. Please let us know how your long term results go. Best, Sam


Bought one very recently- had my doubts for sure – BUT WOW. Just WOW! My wife, who has suffered back pain for years, had her spine operated on 3 years ago. Back pain was relieved slightly but due to nerve damage her legs, especially the right leg, made her cry with pain in more recent times. She could not even bear to be touched that is how bad it was. She has been on strong painkilling meds for years, with side effects such as hair loss, which didn’t help her self esteem one little bit. I understand people’s caution but I reckoned it was worth the risk after all there seemed to be no risk of it doing harm. The product duly arrived and with fingers crossed the patch was gently placed on my wife’s back. Within 5 minutes – yes 5 minutes she felt her pain lifting slightly. Today pain free in her back though the legs,which are vastly improved, now just ache and she is now able to stand and cook a meal – this gave me relief also – I hate cooking! In fairness to the product, it did say that if it didn’t work within 7 minutes it was likely not to work. Thank goodness that did not apply to my wife. We are both 72 years of age, resident in Scotland and have no connection whatsoever with the company; indeed up until a week or so ago we had never heard of this technology. Dated 14/02/2021.

Their return policy is not 100% guaranteed for first 30 days. The product has to be returned UNUSED AND IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING plus you have to get a return voucher and then THEY decide if they’ll return your money. Product is snake oil— it does not work. They should be reported for this scam product.


In other words: If you actually try it and it doesn’t work, they don’t have to return your money. Last time I checked, you would have to take the patch out of its packaging to use it. Hmm. A solid case of “Heads I win, tails you lose.”


Their return policy is not 100% guaranteed (yes it is) for first 30 days (not sure where you got that number as it’s actually 37 days). The product has to be returned UNUSED (not true as you have to try it to see if it works) AND IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING (with original packaging as just about everything else being returned in this world needs to be) plus you have to get a return voucher (doesn’t everything else need an RMA to be returned) and then THEY decide if they’ll return your money (if you followed the instructions then you’ll get your money back). Product is snake oil— it does not work. They should be reported for this scam product. (I am not questioning the products ability to work or not or if it should be classified as bogus but I am calling out your bogus return policy lies you are spreading. If I was a betting man I would bet that you have not even purchased this product before).


I can’t find a customer service phone number to call them. Anyone have the number. I want to return them but you first must call them. My email is
66bike _at_ gmail *dot* com

The phone number is on the front page of their website (bottom left) where it says “call or write”. I found it on my first look. You can email or call them as it is stated on all their literature.

I was not aware that they had a special page done up with the name of the product. I just went to the ncap’s pain relief page and it’s write on the bottom. I saw a picture of the patch so I thought that was the only page they had. You are correct that it is no where to be seen on the dedicated page for the product.

My apologies on the incorrect information I told everyone.

Thanks AJ, no stress. I was definitely a bit confused and thinking I might be going blind myself….!

After being rear-ended 26 times on Houston freeways in morning rush hour traffic (between 1975 and 1992), and having 28 back surgeries (subcutaneous rhyzotomies) to alleviate severe pain, I was finally introduced to the TENS System of pain relief. These units are the greatest pain reliever that I have ever come across, and easy to use. The next best are ice packs that shrink the swelling in the nerves, thereby eliminating the pain. Injuries started in 1975 (last was in 1991); after the last injury, I was hospitalized for 93 days: weights on my ankles, hips and head, lying flat on my back the entire time. Left hospital with a stainless steel and leather back brace (from shoulders to tailbone) and rigid neck brace. Still using ice packs to this day!

Unfortunately every year I see more and more scam online. But I very surprise why can’t people immediately recognize a totally blatant fraud?

Educated people can see the fraud after reading a couple sentences. But even if you don’t know anything about the subject and don’ know how your nervous system works, just go to Google and look at real reviews.

Don’t be lazy. Five minutes can save you a lot of money.

I’m in constant pain & have been for more than 45 years. Now, due to other health issues, I cannot have hip & knee replacements. I doubt I’ll be walking at all within a couple of months.
I’m so disappointed. I cannot tolerate OTC meds, nor their prescriptions.
I take opiates & they dull it, slightly, but certainly not enough to make things bearable.
Years of meds have damaged my liver. Boy, that’s a fun thing.
We’re able to do many, seemingly miraculous things with science. Why can’t pain be conquered?

They lost me when I read that it doesn’t even have to touch your body but can just dangle from your clothes. What?!

I have chronic pain from long-term effects of scoliosis, arthritis and a worn out hip. I use a Quell unit, which is worn on either leg just below the knee, and, unlike the bogus Signal Relief, DOES work by blocking pain signals to the brain. I’ve used Quell for more than three years, and I couldn’t do without it. It’s a small (maybe 2×2.5×1/8 inches) light, rechargeable unit which fits into a leg band and snaps onto a gel electrode which sticks onto my leg. The pain relief varies from 60 to 100% relief, depending on the weather and my activity. Quell doesn’t cost much more than these bogus patches, with electrodes replaceable every 2 weeks.

I’m really angry that people are being duped by the charlatans putting out this bogus crap, and I mention Quell (just google it) because it’s something that does work. By the way, I’m just a happy user with nothing to do with the company.



I am really sorry this product is on the market. Just one month before I was to take my certification in addiction and pain control, I contracted bacterial meningitis and then had two strokes. This ended my medical career. I know of the 5 pain pathways the body uses chemically. The government tries to control the cabinoid system (the hemp plants, aka Marijuana) and the endorphin system (the narcotics). Then under the Cox1 and Cox2 systems are many of the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Some of the NSAIDS are government controlled many are over the counter. ACETAMINOPHEN is not a Cox1 or Cox2 but it is an NSAID. Aspirin loosely fits in the Cox1 and loosely fits in the Cox2 systems. Biochemists are still not exactly sure of aspirin’s exact mechanism of action upon my last reading. The last system is NOT government controlled for the most part. This is mainly because the understanding of it is fairly new. Psychiatry stumbled on to the anti depression medication that modulated the neurotransmitter serotonin actually helped with pain especially in people with fibromyalgia. The government controlled medication here are all the serotonin re-take inhibitors. A relatively unknown pain medication is a weed: Wild Lettuce. Be careful too much like any medication is dangerous and can kill. Wild Lettuce is in extract form and on from various companies. 50ml 4 times a day is the limit. It is not habit forming. It works on dopamine receptors and then through a feedback system increases serotonin (if one has enough magnesium in their body). This balances the serotonin and substance P . For people with fibromyalgia this is helpful since that imbalance seems to be the cause of the pain. But those people first need to get their magnesium up (which may decrease their pain substantially). I really liked discovering this 5th system.
Our national institution of health employed Israel’s scientists to study the hemp plant because no US Universities’ researchers can get published if they study the hemp plant- TY US Congress for breaking the US Constitution and making drugs illegal.
Because US Congress passed the federal law in 1994, any licensed physician must inform the reader that any medical information left does not make a doctor/patient relationship. Consider this a public service announcement.

Dear Barbara, thank you for your comment. Normally I remove comments that point to specific alternative treatments, as this is not the direct purpose of my posts. However thank you for generously sharing some insightful knowledge. I’m surprised to hear that it is not habit forming if it’s connected with dopamine receptors?

Administration, Wild Lettuce is not habit forming because it is involved with the peripheral dopamine receptors (those in the body) not the central dopamine receptors (those in the brain). The feedback increases the serotonin returning to the spinal cord; this is exactly where those with fibromyalgia need it most.
Only dopamine in the reward centers of the brain drive motivation, gambling and thrill have this habit forming due to tolerance. Tolerance is a “ring out” just like any other neuroreceptor that is over stimulated and prevented recapture of the neurotransmitters. Ring out refers to the wave form generated if one plots the release of the neurotransmitter against time each release because of signal. The neurotransmitter is supposed to go high on release and then be reabsorbed with the little left destroyed by enzymes so that it appears to be zero. This is a switching mechanism. To increase release and/or block re-take, keeps stimulating the next cell. However, the destruction enzymes do not stop. Some of the neurotransmitter will get back into first cell and the end result is the first cell has less of the neurotransmitter. The first go round is the ILLUSION felt of the intense thrill and motivation (dopamine). If it is cocain abuse, the illusion is one is just super fine and can do anything. This is as fast as the cell can transmit.
The next go around may be above normal. Third at normal. Forth, slightly below normal. Each go round is lower and lower because the cell has less and less. The transmission gets slower and slower. DEPRESSION always sets in! Neurotransmitters are time consuming to make and requires good nutrition and a healthy gut.
That is the chemical electronics of neurotransmitter drug abuse.
My first degree is Associate Electronic Engineering; second degree is BS Chemistry; third degree is Medical Doctor and my Speciality is Psychiatry. I am retired now.
My hope is some people wanting to know this will see it. They might even share and some one might stop harming themselves.
As always federal government requires any licensed physician to inform the reader the information given does not make a doctor/patient relationship. Please consider this a public service announcement.

Short answer, you don’t! My goal is simply to get people to think critically, and demand proper proof from the makers of these “magic patches”. It should be demanded that before you spend a dollar, that they show credible evidence that they are more than a placebo. Talk to someone you trust, who is scientifically literate, like your doctor or your specialist. Best, Sam


Well despite your post about this product not working, I can tell you that after Cordal Block injections and Nerve ablation on 6 facet joints, I decided to buy one of these and I can tell you it’s the best damn decision I ever made !!! So, you can bad mouth this product all you like, but unless you’ve actually tried it, I suggest you keep your negative posts to yourself. I was so impressed by the difference in pain that I bought my Mother-in-law one as she was on heavy pain meds every day, which was probably killing her liver, she is 76 and now virtually pain free. Her friends commented on how she is now moving and they’ve bought them and loving them. SO, your statement may be based on scientific evidence as to why it shouldn’t work but I can tell you, when you are at a point in your life where the pain is making your life a complete misery, you will sometimes be willing to give any thing a go, and thank God I did! These patches really do work.

Hey Maree — I’m glad for you that it appears to be helping you — even when the pain patch itself is essentially just a inactive sheet of copper foil! As a scientist, I would truly love that these things were so effective that somebody could do a study of how well they work, and prove that they are not placebo. However, Signal Relief has not done that, and many people report in their reviews that they don’t work. Signal relief have provided zero scientific proof of how the patches work, so as such, I still cannot recommend them!

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