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Kailo & Signal Relief: The News says this is a Pain Patch that Works!

Lets say that you are someone with Chronic Pain. Maybe from a injury, or perhaps perhaps it’s from a form of arthritis? Your doctor has been prescribing you painkillers, but they simply are not doing the job. Your friends tell you that they heard about this new patch that you can apply that uses “nanotechnology” to reduce pain. Sounds incredible! What do you do next? You Google “pain relief patch nanotechnology” and all of a sudden you come across Kailo or Signal Relief.

Both of these products claim to use patented technology from nCap Technologies, who claim to have an incredible nano-capacitor medical tech that corrects the communication of pain signals in your body to provide instant pain relief.

It sounds too good to be true, so you do some more googling, and you find, shockingly, news article after article on these products! Wow, they must be credible! So far I have found articles on many sites, but if you look closely, you will quickly notice a pattern: they are almost all sponsored posts, paid for (and sometimes written by) Kailo and Signal Relief, or with commercial promotional relationships. I’ve posted a list of just some of these sites below. I apologise, as I am unable to link to these sites, as I do not want to increase their ranking, but if you search e.g. “globenewswire kailo” you will quickly find the articles I am referring to. there are generally three types of sites to watch out for:

  1. Press Release sites: these are sites that anyone can pay to post an article (“press release”) to explain how their pain relief patch is better than any other pain relief product. There is no verification that the the post is true, and most of the time, the post is written by the company paying to make the post.
  2. Paid article sites: these sites generally have news and other content, but will accept payment to commission a sponsored or paid article. Generally these sites will put a tiny “sponsored” disclaimer somewhere to identify these posts.
  3. Paid review sites: some of these sites may accept payment to review a product. Other times, they may instead claim that they “don’t accept payment for review” — instead, they simply ask for a significant commission if someone clicks a link and actually buys the product. Be sure to watch out if there is no proof that they have actually tried the product they are reviewing!


Listing of some Paid / Commercial Kailo & Signal Relief Patch Review Sites

  • “Kailo Review – Nanotech Bio-Antenna Pain Patch Report”
    • This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute advice or an offer to buy. Any purchase done from this story is done on your own risk. Consult an expert advisor / health professional before any such purchase. Any purchase done from this link is subject to final terms and conditions of the website that is selling the product. The content on this release does not take any responsibility directly or indirectly. Contact the vendor of the product directly.”
  • – “Kailo Patch Review — are Kailo Pain Relief Patches a Scam?”

  • -“Kailo Pain Patch Review: Debunking the Scam Complaint Alerts”
    • Source: Marketing By Kevin
    • NewMediaWire distributes press releases on behalf of hundreds of publicly traded companies, as well as private corporations, non-profits and other public sector organizations
  • – “Kailo Reviews ā€“ Are Kailo Pain Patch Results Legit or Scam?”
    • ” By Sponsored by Marketing by Kevin LLC “
  • – “Kailo Pain Patch Reviews ā€“ Scam Complaints or Real Relief?”

  • – Kailo Review: Nanotech Bio-Antenna Pain Relief Patches
    • SOURCE Kailo
  • – Kailo Pain Patch Relieve Pain Naturally With Nanotechnology Based Patches.
    • We charge just $40 for a Press Release distribution with a minimum of 500 guaranteed media websites inclusions.
  • – Kailo Pain Relief Patch: Smart Wearable Bio-Antenna Nanotech Patch Benefits
    • Press release content from Wired Release. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.
  • – Kailo Patch Reviews – Legit Natural Pain Relief Aid or Scam?
    • Referral links, and no disclaimer to indicate their commercial relationship.
  • – Kailo Patch Reviews ā€“ Nano-Tech pain patch launched
    • By Sponsored Content
    • Disclaimer: Please note that product reviews such as this one are not written by authors at They are the opinions of a 3rd party contributor
  • – Kailo Patch
      • Referral links, and no disclaimer to indicate their commercial relationship.
  • – New Futuristic Patch Uses Breakthrough Nanotech To Relieve Pain
    • Advertising Disclosure: This web page is formatted as an advertorial and is brought to you by Our site is supported by advertising. This page is an advertisement that includes products for sale by ZangDeal and other sites, not a news article. We receive paid compensation for clicks or sales produced from the content found on this page.
  • – What is the fastest way to relieve back pain?
    • Referral links, and no disclaimer to indicate their commercial relationship.

… I could go on!

The point of this article is not to say that affiliate marketing is evil. Or to say that news releases are useless! But, to point out that the majority of articles on these products are either paid for by Kailo / nCap / Signal Relief, or that there is a commercial relationship where the publisher benefits from the purchase of the product.

In my mind, where there is a conflict of interest like this, you need to be extra careful to verify the source and accuracy of the information.


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