Evidence for Kailo Pain Relief?

Kailo has recently been featured in the Cedar Wings magazine, alongside a bunch of real pain relief solutions. But they don’t discuss Kailo – they only reprinted the blurb from the Kailo website. It’s like someone googled “pain relief” and copy pasted the first five links they found. Just shameful fake news!

For wireless signals to be received, changed, 
and re-transmitted, you need more than just 
an antenna. The body’s electrical signals are 
incredibly weak – and nearly impossible to 
detect without high amplification. You need 
an antenna that touches the skin, a powerful 
amplifier, and a powerful transmitter too. 
But Kailo (apparently) works without touching 
the skin, and Kailo requires no power too – simply not possible.

I explain in detail why I think Kailo is a scam here. Don’t get conned! This looks to be fake science with no evidence provided and no clinical trials. 
This looks to be just Snake Oil that uses the 
Placebo Effect to fool some people.

I’ve placed a copy of the Kailo advertisement below:


kailo scam
Learn why Kailo looks like a scam here.

3 replies on “Evidence for Kailo Pain Relief?”

Samuel : The statement “Kailo is a scam” is based on classical physics and is false for nanoparticles (NPs) which obey quantum mechanics. I need details of NP size to be more conclusive, but NPs can emit EM radiation powered only by body heat. The EM radiation can penetrate body tissue and relieve pain by heating. See “Coronavirus UVC disinfection” at nanoqed dot org , 2020.

Your website is also full of bogus science, unproven claims and un-cited evidence. I’m aware of quantum effects re nanoparticles, and these particles are far too large. Plus, if non-contact, non-visible EM (Kailo works through clothes remember) was able to reduce pain, then it would (a) be trivially simple to prove that Kailo was actually emitting a signal, and (b) straightforward to actually test and confirm the method of pain relief through external EM generation at the same frequency. Kailo have not disclosed that they have done either.

I recently purchase this product and within one week
after changing the adhesive back every two days it fell off my lower back and was lost. Very expensive lost.

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